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10 Best Niches for Blogging in India You Should Copy

Are you looking for the best niches for blogging in India? You are in the right place.

See, if you are a new blogger, it is important to have an idea of what niche you want to blog about. 

While there is no perfect blog topic, some niches do better than others in terms of traffic and monetization. 

In this post, we will take a look at the 10 best blogging niches in India for those who are looking for more information on how they can get started with their own website.

What is a blogging niche? 

Before we take a look at the best blogging niches in India, it is important to understand what makes up a successful blog topic. 

A blog niche is basically just another way of saying ‘topic’. 

For instance, some examples of popular blogs are;

What do you need for your blog?

So now that you know what makes up a good blogging niche, it is time to decide which one(s) would be appropriate for your website.

Here are some things that every blogger in India should consider before choosing their topics:

What do I like? 

If you are not interested in something then why write about it? 

Passion goes into writing so make sure whatever topic you are going to blog about, it is something that you love.

Is the topic popular? 

As a blogger, traffic is one of your top priorities (if not THE priority).

Thus every niche needs to have enough people interested in learning more about it.

For example;

There are hundreds of thousands of potential readers for blogs related to yoga but only several thousand for taxidermy crafts. 

While both topics might be interesting and make good content at some point or another; Yoga would be a far better choice because it has potentially millions of visitors who like this sorta stuff while taxidermy website will struggle with getting views unless you’ve got an extremely unique angle on things.

Best Blogging Niches in India

We are now done discussing what makes a good blog topic and why you should choose one. 

Thus it is time to take a look at the top blogging niches that are currently popular:

Travel Blogging 

This is probably one of the most common types of blogs out there right now, which makes sense as everyone loves going on vacation or getting away from their daily routines. 

The difficulty with this niche is that competition for search engine traffic can be very tough but if you are willing to put in some money towards advertising, then things might work out great for your website. 

Just make sure not to go overboard! 

If you want more information about travel blogging checks out these resources here.

News/Politics Blogs 

This type of blog will usually focus on either just news or politics (or both). 

This niche has the advantage of being quite popular; however, keep in mind that it is very competitive.

The key to success with this blog is finding an angle on things that readers will find interesting and/or unique enough to return for more information from time to time.

Personal Development Blogs        

This is one of the best niches for blogging in India.

As a blogger, your number one priority should be self-improvement so why not write about topics related to becoming successful? 

You don’t necessarily have to just focus on blogging but you can also add other personal development ideas such as how to cook healthier meals, ways of saving money while still enjoying life, etc… 

Whatever topic you choose though make sure it relates back somehow towards helping people achieve their goals. 

Lifestyle Blogs        

This type of blog usually focuses on more relatable topics such as beauty, fashion, technology, etc… 

What is really great about this blogging niche in India is that there are plenty of opportunities for bloggers to get their name out there through affiliate programs. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of product you’re promoting; if it relates back to one of your articles then chances are high that visitors will click the link and buy whatever you have suggested!

Health/Fitness Blog          

By far one of the most popular and best niches for blogging in India around right now (and probably even in the future). 

People spend a lot of money trying to look good but also staying healthy at the same time. 

As long as you write content related to these two topics, you should be able to gather an audience who will enjoy reading your articles. 

Just make sure to focus on things people want and not what you think they need!

Video Blogging       

This type of blog is very popular now because videos are much more interesting than just text for most users. 

You can even upload live streams or other types of multimedia content related to the topic that you are blogging about. 

The only downside here though is that it is tough establishing yourself as a blogger since there are already so many video-sharing websites out there.

But if you manage to do well then this could become one of the best ways for getting traffic in 2022!

Technology/Gadget Blogs         

As long as technology continues growing at breakneck speed, blogging about technology-related topics will continue to be a great way of getting traffic, making this one of the best niches for blogging in India. 

With the right amount of knowledge and dedication, you can even become an expert on certain gadgets or software programs that other people aren’t aware of! 

It might seem tough at first but as long as you keep reading other blogs for inspiration then you should have no problem becoming successful with your own website.

Niche/Unique Blogs            

All this means is picking a topic which nobody else has written about yet so it is something new and fresh. 

This could mean anything from fashion trends in small countries to unusual pets around the world. 

If nothing else though just make sure not to go too obscure because there is probably someone out there doing what you are thinking about doing. 

You want to make sure that people will be interested in your articles instead of just wondering why you wrote them in the first place!

Business/Finance Blogs        

One of my favorite and best niches for blogging in India.

But, this is perhaps one of the most difficult types of blogs out there; however, if done properly then it can end up being very rewarding for you and your visitors. 

The important thing here though is having good writing skills because if nobody wants to read what you are saying then they won’t come back again. 

If the idea seems interesting enough though then this might be a great type of blog for 2022!

Fashion/Beauty Blog           

Both men’s fashion and women’s fashion are popular topics so choosing either or should get plenty of traffic. 

One benefit to this type of blog is that you can also explore makeup and haircare which will allow for plenty of affiliate programs to promote. 

Instead of just focusing on the latest trends though, try offering advice or tips about fashion instead so your visitors know how these things could apply directly to their lives!

What to consider when choosing a blogging niche 

Now that you know the best niches for blogging in India, let us look at how to pick the best niche.

  • What are your interests? As we mentioned earlier, the topic you pick should coincide with your passions, otherwise, you will struggle to be consistent and produce epic content.
  • What do you know a lot about?  You need to know enough about the topic to write.
  • Can people make money from it in some way, either through affiliate links or being paid to write sponsored posts for companies? If you can’t make money through the niche, it will be hard creating a blogging business in India.

If none of these things apply then you should probably try out another niche because blogging in India isn’t always easy and the earlier you choose something that will work well with what you have to offer, the better off you will be.

What to do next

By now, you have gone through this list of the best niches for blogging in India and picked one, great!

What next?

a). Register a domain

Your next move is to register a domain name.

And the domain should reflect the niche you are into.

For example;

If I want to start blogging about self-improvement in India, my domain name should be something like; 


Get the idea?

I recommend you come with a list of potential website names because most probably, some of them will be taken (as in registered by someone else).

For example; is already taken, so is, this forces me to look for another domain.

Once you have a domain, move to the next step;

b). Get a hosting space

Your blog in India will need a place to ‘live’ online.

That is where a hosting space will come in.

If this is your first website, I recommend you start low and as your website starts picking traffic, you can upgrade to higher hosting packages.

We have a deal for you.

For just ₹120.00 Monthly, you get access to;

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 30 GB Disk Space
  • Max Websites Hosted: 3
  • One-Click Apps
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Max Email Account: Unlimited
  • Max Databases: Unlimited
  • Max Subdomains: Unlimited
  • Uptime: 99.999%
  • Free Script Installer – softaculous apps

Learn more here.

Final thoughts on best niches for blogging in India

Now that you have a niche, a domain, and a hosting account, what next?

Start publishing!

Yes, you should start creating content consistently!

Make sure before you hit publish, the content is valuable and helps the reader solve a problem.

Make it as actionable as you can.


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