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How To Contact Godaddy Customer Care in India

Wish to contact Godaddy customer care? In this blog post, we will reveal the exact steps you can take now to get your issues solved right away.

We will also reveal the functional channels you can use to contact them.

If you are experiencing problems with your domain registration, want to know how to cancel a domain name or transfer ownership of one, have received an email from Godaddy Customer Care in India that you don’t understand, or need help setting up your website with their service provider hosting platform, this article will help. 

We will look at what each customer care option is for and give examples of when it would be appropriate to use them.

Who is Godaddy India?

GoDaddy is a web hosting company. They offer domain name registration, website design, and hosting services to small businesses in over 160 countries around the world.

GoDaddy claims they are responsible for registering more than 76 million domains worldwide as of 2011, making them the largest ICANN-accredited registrar in the world.

How do I contact Godaddy Customer Care in India? 

GoDaddy has several ways that you can communicate with their support team if you have any questions or problems about your account:

a). Email

There is an email address specifically set up for customer service issues at [email protected]

If you don’t know who to send it to, just put “Attention: Go Daddy Help,” so that someone gets back to you quickly when they see the email.

b). Telephone 

GoDaddy has a toll-free number that you can call if you have any customer service issues: +91 40 67607600 in India. 

However, because it is an international phone line and GoDaddy is located in Arizona (not far from Mexico), the time difference may not be ideal for those on Eastern Standard Time or Daylight Savings time. 

This means that their Customer Care team could close before your local business hours are over–and they’ve closed on Saturdays anyway! 

But like with all things these days, there’s also an option to leave a message online – either by filling out one of several different forms found at

Here are other Godaddy customer support phone numbers;

  • Argentina – Atención al cliente 24/7 Buenos Aires: +54 11 5984 0780
  • Australia – 24/7 Support Countrywide: +61 1300 351 076
  • 24/7 Support Melbourne: +61 03 8820 5819
  • 24/7 Support Sydney: +61 02 8042 8920
  • België – 24/7 support in het Engels +32 78 48 20 46
  • Belgique – 9h à 21:30h lun-ven en Français +32 78 48 20 45
  • Brasil – Em todo o território nacional: 8h-21h, de segunda a sexta +55 4003 3329
  • Rio de Janeiro: 8h-21h, de segunda a sexta +55 21 3956 9989
  • São Paulo: 8h-21h, de segunda a sexta +55 11 39585679
  • Canada – 24/7 Support 18669381119

c). Social Networking 

There are many ways to communicate with GoDaddy via social networking and many GoDaddy employees use these networks to talk with customers about any problems they’re experiencing.

You can find GoDaddy on Twitter @GoDaddy_India, Facebook at, or LinkedIn at /godaddy-inc – 20361944.

Who do I contact Godaddy Customer Care in India if…

I want to change my billing information? 

This is something you should only be able to do via your GoDaddy account through the website ( ). 

If for some reason the system won’t let you make a payment or update that information online yourself, call customer service but don’t expect them to be able to give out your password over the phone! 

They might ask you for your GoDaddy Username first, which is your email address (it’s the same one you use to log into GoDaddy), and then they won’t be able to give it out over the phone either.

I’m having problems with my domain registration? 

Your GoDaddy India account page should allow you to update some of this information yourself but if not call customer service. 

They might ask you for a transaction ID or maybe even an IP Address number–which is just another way of saying “web address”–to track down where the problem originated from so that they can fix it for you as quickly as possible.

If I need help setting up my website/hosting platform? 

This isn’t something that GoDaddy India does themselves.

However, GoDaddy does partner with some of the best hosting companies in India. 

If you need help setting up your GoDaddy website in India or transferring it to another company, call Godaddy customer care in India at +91 40 67607600.

And ask whether they offer that type of support before you purchase anything–that way when a problem arises later on down the line at least GoDaddy won’t be able to claim ignorance about what other services are offered by partners.

I’m receiving spammy emails from GoDaddy? 

GoDaddy is notorious for their marketing tactics which often come off as “spammy.” 

They send out email after email telling customers how great their service is and how much money they can make using GoDaddy India products.

However, if you start receiving too many “offers” through your inbox then chances are GoDaddy has sold your email address to a third-party company and you need to contact GoDaddy and ask them how they plan on resolving the problem.

I’m thinking about transferring my domain away from GoDaddy India? 

This is actually something that GoDaddy doesn’t like doing, but if it is what their customers want then they will, with some conditions of course! 

They might be able to let you transfer free of charge in certain circumstances or for a small fee (about Rs.1459.34) instead which won’t cover all fees incurred by GoDaddy during the transfer process since there are other companies involved as well.

Is GoDaddy customer service 24 hours?

Yes, GoDaddy customer care in India is open Monday through Friday from about six AM to five PM Pacific Standard Time, which means that GoDaddy support in India will be closed by the time you’re waking up. 

GoDaddy also doesn’t work on Saturdays so if you have an emergency and need help over the weekend or during your local nighttime hours then they won’t be able to help unless it’s urgent enough for them to try calling international numbers–which would cost a lot of money!

How do I contact GoDaddy via WhatsApp?

To contact Godaddy customer care in India via WhatsApp, head over to their website. And then click on click on the phone icon on the top right. On the Chat Now section, click on the “Message us on WhatsApp” box. This will open directly to a chat screen in your WhatsApp application.


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