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Godaddy India Pricing Guide For Beginners

Are you looking for Godaddy India pricing?

You are in the right place. In this blog post, you will learn the cost of hosting your website on GoDaddy India.

We will discuss the prices of the domains, hosting plans, and other costs associated with starting and running an online business in India.

Before we get into Godaddy India pricing, let us begin by looking at the requirements to create a website.

What you need to create a website in India

There are two things you need to create a successful website in India;

  • A domain name which is the website’s web address.
  • Web hosting to store all of your site content and make it available for viewing online. (You can usually host a WordPress blog on your own computer or use free hosting services like Google Drive, but if you want more control over things, shared Web Hosting will do better.)

Let us look at each a little deeper;

a). Domains

A domain name contains at least one word, and ends in either .com,.org,.net. or .edu and cannot contain more than 63 characters (including the dot).

A registered domain name usually costs between ‪₹99 and ‪₹5,000 per year and must be renewed annually to maintain ownership of it. 

Without a qualified extension like .com, your site will not show up on search engines. 

You can purchase an available domain name through any hosting provider’s website or from sites such as Godaddy by way of example.

Domain prices in India

Domains are priced on a per-year basis. 

The registration fee is the only cost for that first year, but renewal fees will be billed annually thereafter. 

A domain name’s price can vary widely depending on its popularity and whether or not it is an industry-standard (e.g.: .com). 

For example;

A .com domain costs more than a .in domain.

In fact, Godaddy India pricing of the .com domain is Rs. 199 for the first year, while that of the domain is Rs. 99 for the first year.

Here is a table showing Godaddy India domain pricing;

DomainPrice in India
.COMRs. 199
.INRs. 149
.NETRs. 1079
.TECHRs. 499
.ORGRs. 99
.XYZRs. 149
.IORs. 4510.53
.ONLINERs. 199
.CO.INRs. 99

Then there are premium domains. These are domains already registered but you can get them at a slightly higher price because of their perceived value.

For example; domain has an estimated value of Rs. 3,72,238.81.

In order to purchase a domain, you must have access to your credit card or PayPal account, as well as verify your email address with the hosting provider before completing checkout.

And to search and register, here is an article we wrote showing you step by step how to brainstorm and register the best website name on Godaddy India.

b). Web hosting 

What does website hosting mean?

Website Hosting refers to any time-limited service offered by one of many providers in which they provide server space for all of a client’s data files so that their site can be served from said servers rather than being hosted from the client’s computer.

How much does website hosting cost in India?

This is a question that’s impossible to answer in one simple sentence. 

The price of any type of web hosting service varies widely depending on the provider, size, and complexity of your site, whether or not it has custom software installed, etc., as well as how long you want it for (monthly, annually). 

Typically, there are four types of hosting and all are offered on Godaddy India;

a). Shared hosting

This is the cheapest type of web hosting in India. 

You share a server with other websites and the provider’s resources are divided between you and them. 

This means that your website will have lower performance, but it won’t cost as much either.

Godaddy India pricing of shared hosting starts from Rs. 199 per month.

Such a plan gives you;

  • 512 MB RAM
  • 1 website
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 30 GB storage
  • 1 database
  • Free 1-click WordPress install

Other plans include;

Rs. 329 per monthRs. 419 per monthRs. 599 per month
Standard Performance1 website100 GB storageUnmetered bandwidth10 databasesFree 1-click WordPress installFree Professional EmailFree domainStandard PerformanceUnlimited websitesUnlimited storage25 databasesUnmetered bandwidthFree 1-click WordPress installFree Professional Email Free domainIncreased processing powerUnlimited websitesUnlimited storageUnlimited databasesUnmetered bandwidthFree 1-click WordPress installFree Professional EmailFree domain Free SSL Certificate

b). VPS hosting 

This is slightly less popular than shared hosting, but it’s more expensive. 

You still share a server with other websites, but you get the resources of your own machine, meaning that performance will be better.

And Godaddy India pricing of VPS hosting is from Rs. 1159 per month.

You can get them under Business Hosting, which is a special package put together by Godaddy India to suit online entrepreneurs looking for improved hosting environments.

With Rs. 1159 per month, you get;

  • 60 GB storage
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 CPU 
  • Unmetered traffic 
  • Unlimited websites and databases
  • Free, unlimited SSL for all your websites. 
  • Free Professional Email

Other Godaddy India VPS hosting plans include;

Rs. 1479Rs. 1919Rs. 2559
90 GB storage4 GB RAM2 CPUs Unmetered traffic Unlimited websites & databasesFree, unlimited SSL for all your websites. Free Professional Email120 GB storage6 GB RAM3 CPUs Unmetered traffic Unlimited websites & databasesFree, unlimited SSL for all your websites. Free Professional Email150 GB storage8 GB RAM4 CPUs Unmetered traffic Unlimited websites & databasesFree, unlimited SSL for all your websites. Free Professional Email

The major difference is on more resources.

For example;

You get more storage space and CPUs.

c). Dedicated servers 

These give you full control over all of the hardware in order to create an environment for optimal performance at increased price points.

With this type of service, all the bandwidth and storage space on the website goes to just one customer. 

It’s expensive because providers have invested in hardware specifically for you.

There are two types of dedicated servers in India;

  • Managed dedicated servers – here, you only pay the fees and the provider handles the technical stuff. 
  • Unmanaged dedicated hosting – you are responsible for everything about running the server from maintenance to configuration.

Managed servers cost more than unmanaged because there is less work on your side.

Godaddy India pricing of managed dedicated servers starts from Rs 16428 per month.

Such hosting servers is recommended for big organizations with a lot of traffic.

Or individuals looking to run custom software like games.

On the other hand, self-managed dedicated servers starts from Rs. 8839 per month.

Godaddy India Pricing

What’s The Difference Between Shared Hosting And Dedicated Webhosting?

The main difference between shared web hosting and dedicated hosting is how many other websites are hosted with yours on that same hardware. 

With shared hosting your website will share resources (like memory) which means it may be slower or run out of space if another site goes viral in popularity. 

With dedicated web hosting each customer gets their own virtual machine with as much processing power and RAM as they need – perfect for high traffic needs!”

Other types of web hosting in India include;

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is a service specifically designed for WordPress sites. 

You usually pay on a monthly basis and the company manages things like server updates, backups, security patches, etc so you don’t need to worry about them yourself!

Godaddy India pricing of wordpress hosting starts from Rs. 299 per month.

With this lowest plan, you get;

  • 30 GB storage
  • Ideal for up to 25K monthly visitors
  • Website backup protection with 1-click restore
  • Automatic daily malware

Among other perks.

These plans cost between Rs. 299 and Rs. 2129 per month.

Reseller hosting

Reseller Hosting is a type of web hosting that allows you to offer your own services and function as an ISP. 

Reseller accounts are suited for those who want to create or expand their business by offering website hosting, email solutions, domain name registration, and so on. 

With this account, the reseller can take advantage of our high-quality network infrastructure without having to invest in physical servers.

And is perfect for anyone looking to start their own web hosting company in India.

All you have to do is purchase Godaddy India reseller hosting plan and get started for as low as Rs. 1999.

This lowest package comes with;

  • 2 CPUs
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 90 GB storage

These resources are enough to launch your first website hosting business in India.

Godaddy India Pricing

Apart from website hosting, Godaddy India offers other services.

SSL certificates

An SSL Certificate is a type of certificate that encrypts data to provide secure browsing. 

The encryption prevents eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery in both directions.

Godaddy India pricing of an SSL starts from Rs. 293.25.

Godaddy India ssl Pricing

Business email hosting

If you’d wish to have a professional email like [email protected] and don’t have a website, you can take business email hosting.

Such packages charges as low as Rs. 29 per month per user and you have a professional email.

business email prices on godaddy india

Why Godaddy India?

Here are the top reasons why people are using Godaddy hosting in India:

Easy to set up and reliable customer service that is India.-based, which means it’s always open. 

You can access your account 24/365 from anywhere in the world with no problems or lag time! 

Plus their phone customer service representatives speak English as a primary language so they will be able to answer any of your questions quickly and efficiently. 

They also offer live chat for those who want an instant response without having to wait on hold for long periods of time – this is especially important if you’re trying to get help setting something up during peak business hours. 

  • Affordable prices – With one low monthly price, you can get your own domain name, hosting, and email.
  • 99% Uptime: They offer a guarantee that your site will be available for visitors browsing day in and day out, no matter what the problem may be! 


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