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Bigrock Review: Features, Pros & Cons, Pricing

Last updated on November 1st, 2022 at 11:17 am

Are you looking for a thorough Bigrock review? You’ve come to the right place. In today’s article, we are looking at Bigrock India and what they offer. 

We will also look at the pros & cons of using them, and reveal some of the best Bigrock alternatives.

Who is BigRock?

Bigrock Review

One of the most well-known providers in the domain services industry here in India, BigRock provides a spectrum of services to help businesses scale new heights. 

They have vast experience and leverage that with world-class levels of service.

Extensively recognized by top-tier enterprises from around the world, Bigrock is a leading choice for customers looking to make an online investment. 

Apart from providing various degrees of multi-service solutions for the internet, Bigrock also provides WHOIS, DNS management, and premium domain sales.

What do they offer?

Bigrock Review

As mentioned above, Bigrock offers a wide variety of online services which include domain registration, web hosting, marketing services, and website builders among others.

With them, you can also find email hosting services as well as security solutions such as SSL certificates and of course, servers.

Bigrock Review: Web hosting plans, features, and prices

Moving on.

Let us look at Bigrock web hosting plans, their features, and what the prices look like.

First, Bigrock comes with three types of website hosting services:

a). Shared Hosting

Shared hosting in India is a type of hosting service that provides web space to multiple websites. It is the most affordable option for small and medium-sized businesses.

Shared hosting comes with a ton of benefits, including lower costs and greater flexibility in terms of server location, features, and control over the website’s content. 

However, it can be more difficult to manage shared hosting if you’re not familiar with how it works.

Many people choose shared hosting because it’s cheaper than other options, but it can also be more difficult to manage than dedicated or virtual servers.

Bigrock’s shared hosting comes in 3 plans:

  • Linux hosting – Linux hosting is a type of web hosting where the server runs on Linux. It’s usually cheaper than other types of hosting, but it also has more restrictions, such as not being able to run certain software and not having access to some features. The cost starts from Rs. 79 per month.
  • Windows hosting – Windows hosting is a type of web hosting where the customer’s website runs on Microsoft Windows servers instead of Linux servers. The costs start at Rs. 59 per month.

Common features include:

  • 20GB disk space
  • 100GB bandwidth
  • FREE SSL certificate

b). Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting service where customers can buy web space from a hosting company and sell it to other users.

Being a reseller is one of the most popular types of online businesses here in India. And there are many reasons why people choose reseller hosting over shared or dedicated servers.

There are many benefits to using reseller hosting over other types of businesses, including better performance and the ability to work anywhere you want.

Now, if you want to work as Bigrock’s reseller, the lowest package is going for Rs.1,599 per month and comes with:

  • 50 GB Space
  • 1000 GB Transfer
  • 15 cPanel Accounts
  • Unlimited Websites
  • FREE SSL Certificate 
  • Free WHMCS

To get more features, consider getting higher plans.

Benefits of reselling Bigrock’s hosting services

  • INSTANT PROVISIONING – Get up and running in seconds. Our servers are designed to provision immediately
  • FAST & SIMPLE – Powered by Cloud Linux technology, Apache, PHP, your servers are powered with increased flexibility and control
  • EASY CONTROL PANEL – Your Hosting package comes with cPanel, to manage your website and associated services like emails and DNS

c). Specialized hosting

The specialized training we are talking about here includes:

  • WordPress Hosting – this is a specialized hosting plan for WordPress websites. The price starts at Rs. 499 per month and allows you to host up to one wordpress website, comes with a 5GB storage space and dual-core CPU.
  • CMS Hosting – this package allows you to build content-rich sites on state-of-the-art CMS platforms. You get unlimited domains and emails, unmetered disk space, and 99.9% uptime starting from Rs.159 per month.
  • Ecommerce Hosting – this is a type of hosting that allows you to create an online store fast. Here, Bigrock allows you to easily deploy Zencart, Cubecart, and OScommerce shopping cart platforms. Starting from Rs.159 per month.

How to get hosting on Bigrock

To get hosting on Bigrock, head over to

How to get hosting on Bigrock

And click on Hosting from the menu.

Then decide what type of hosting service you’d wish to buy (check above for the types of web hosting services offered by Bigrock).

To buy Bigrock’s shared hosting, click on Linux hosting;

How to get hosting on Bigrock

Or if you want to build your website using Windows OS, go ahead and choose Windows Hosting.

Choose where your traffic is coming from. This will affect the cost of your shared hosting account per month.

How to get hosting on Bigrock

Go through the packages and pick the one that matched your budget and feature needs.

For example:

If you want a cheaper one, the starter plan will work fine. Going for Rs.249 per month, this Bigrock plan comes with:

  • One Website
  • 20 GB Space
  • 100 GB Transfer
  • FREE SSL Certificate 
  • 5 Email(s)

And if you want more features, pick higher plans.

Bigrock Review: Domain registration

Before we look at domain registration on Bigrock, we must first understand what a domain name is.

Domain names are unique addresses for websites. They are a label that is given to a certain website and it is the first part of the URL that people see when they visit it.

A domain name can be made up of any word or set of words, but typically only English words are used. For example, if you want to create a website on your hobby, you can use ‘hobby’ as your domain name.

The domain name system is hierarchical with top-level domains like .com and .org being more popular than country code TLDs like .uk or .in.

Now, to get a domain name, you must first register it with an accredited domains registrar.

Lucky for you, Bigrock is one of them.

To get started, head over to and enter the domain you’d wish to register in the box.

bigrock domain name

Click search.

You will get a huge list of domains.

bigrock domain name

Go through it and pick the one you want. To pick the best, follow these tips:

  • Pick a name that describes the topic of your website
  • The domain extension should be what you want. If you are in India, it is better to get a website name with .IN extension.
  • The name should be short and memorable.

Once you’ve found the one, click buy and checkout.

bigrock domain name

You can resist the upsells Bigrock will throw at you. Finally, pay for your domain and you will receive details on how to access and use your new domain name in India.

Bigrock Review: Contact

Here are the Bigrock’s contact details:

  • +91-824-2868080
  • +91-824-6614011

You can also access their knowledge base to see documented solutions to some of your challenges here

Bigrock Best Alternatives

The major players in the Indian web hosting industry are Bluehost, HostGator, and InMotion. These three companies have been around for a long time and have been providing quality services to their customers.

Bluehost is a US-based company with headquarters in Utah. It has been providing web hosting services since 1996 and is one of the most popular hosting companies in India.

HostGator provides hosting services from its headquarters in Miami, Florida. It was founded back in 2002 and has been growing steadily ever since. HostGator offers reliable web hosting services at affordable prices.

InMotion provides web hosting services from its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded back in 2008 and has been growing steadily ever since as well.

Another one of the cheapest hosting companies in India is Truehost India. With us, you can host from as low as Rs.30 per month.

Is BigRock good for hosting?

BigRock is a popular hosting provider in the market. It offers various features to its customers, such as website backup, unlimited storage space, 24/7 support, and so on. The company also provides a free SSL Certificate for every customer who purchases their hosting service plan. However, there are some drawbacks of using BigRock as your hosting provider that you should consider before signing up for their services.

BigRock is not ideal for people who are looking for a cheap web host or those who need a lot of storage space on their websites. The company charges Rs.79 per month which is quite expensive compared to other web hosts out there that charge around Rs. 30.


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